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This ten page adventure fits 21 encounters in to four pages. I have lists of twenty encounters for each of the 'terrain types' in the FB encounter tables, but I also generate anywhere from three to as many as a score encounters for specific locations, stored in the entries on the campaign wiki. For more pictures of  PDF ebooks, including the foul-aired hexcrawl Fever Swamp, the Aggressive Ecology embodied in The Undead Leviathan, the BLUEHOLME Journeymanne . ) So how does that work? We need road encounters. Hexcrawl Encounters: One Page Generator · RPG adventure ideas · 67 notes. It’s a collection of 38 encounters (23 full-length, 15 quick hits, some bonus maps toward the end), which is a lot more than I Conclusion of Encounters Encounters roll seem to be sparse and not give a lot of data. What I've attempted here is to set up an entire day's worth of travel, encounters, events and adventure in a single roll. For those, when they're actually traveling with a caravan, we'll just use the encounters from Hoard of the Dragon Queen chapter 4. It describes a simple procedure for generating encounters using a few cascading random tables, dividing them into discoveries and dangers to emphasize both combat and exploration. e. I use my campaign journals to keep track of dates, locations, and the players' most important actions. And running that hexcrawl as written, with the group checking each space, figuring out search patterns, just kills the momentum dead. Find some way to differentiate successful encounters from failure encounters. Juicy, vague, threatening or misleading – they all serve the same purpose in a hexcrawl: find the dungeon. Encounters. I'm not going to review the entire system, partly because it's not all available yet, but the first part just happens to be about setting up a sandbox, complete with random map generation. The first thing you have to do when creating a new hex map is figure out how big you want your hexes to be. Create story hooks. This, IMO, reflects reality - there are many more chances for interaction walking a mile in downtown Boston than there are walking a mile on a logging road in Maine. The level 8 encounters should be reserved for the Treant and the Eladrin Lord. A Guide to Official D&D 5th Edition Published Adventures. That brings me to a cool part of how Wreck Age comes together. Plotting a Fate Hexcrawl Campaign. Basically this post but a whole setting instead of a set of tables. Modern Take on Old School Hexcrawl . Every PC, current or new, knows one rumor from the The bulk of my hexcrawl system I’m going to be taking from The Alexandrian (though it seems to have stalled after the 7th entry); I’m planning on keeping the hex structure invisible to my players, and Justin has a good system for tracking progress over the grid, getting lost and getting found, sight lines, encounters and encounter distance Improving Your Encounter Tables With Gimmicks! Encounter tables are the lifeblood of my game. Jelinghi's Gallery of NPCs. Create events that put the players in motion. And I'd be concerned that level 5 characters wouldn't find the encounters as written in the book to be that challenging. Encounters Check for encounters whenever delvers go into a hex, and one more time for each day and night. There are six new classes, three new races, a random village generator, a dozen new deities, new monsters, and more! Compatible with most Old School game systems. Encounters are stuff like wandering monsters or NPCs. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Old school games tend to favor player skill over rules mastery or character strength: for an old-school player, it's fun to both accept the challenge of random generation and to masterfully play and develop that "accidental" character into something legendary. Jun 11, 2012 BORDER ENCOUNTERS: % chance in a hex bordering on a different region of rolling on that region's encounter tables. But it's because generally, its the easiest to generate and even improvise, notably because it involves things with agency and so on. Forlorn North / Frozen in Time hexcrawl encounters An encounter table for the Forlorn North, the setting in Goodman Games' Frozen in Time. In order to have the smartest, most creative king, the dwarves of Mt. Both of these tools are incredibly popular in the roleplaying game community, and are excellent tools for creating a hexcrawl (or any map, for that matter). For each population locale come up with three to five encounters. But there are also complex stories, arching over 4-5 distant hexes. Building Random Encounter Tables for Hex Crawls. With that distribution of content, it was almost more of a pointcrawl than a hexcrawl. Traditional hexcrawls will often included hexes keyed with encounters like this one (from the Wilderlands of Magic  AD&D had full rules for hexcrawling and generating random dungeons. Maybe things go bad, maybe another party ambushes the both of you. As above, trying to destroy puddles of water by stamping or drinking. It’s a sandbox-style crawl through a jungle of dangerous creatures in search of a lost city full of treasure and traps. com. ©2019 Wizards. Today on my Gothridge Manor Podcast I called out my fellow Anchorites to get in on this and make some zines. Populated Hexes is a series of 6-mile hexes fully populated with interesting monsters, features and encounters and statted out for Labyrinth Lord, a retroclone of the world's most popular role-playing games. So there is a tendency, as The Angry GM says, to just drop the random encounters. The hex descriptions of Carcosa can be split into three types of encounters: villages and citadels, spawns of Shub-Niggurath, and the “weird”. HexCrawl HexCrawl features: * 100 Wilderness Encounters, meant to replace the default Travel Hazard encounters. When I'm building a hexcrawl, I want that hexcrawl to be one that I can build things on the An epic storyline meets exciting sandbox and hexcrawl gaming. So you want to create content for role playing? Worlds, adventures, races, classes, monsters, magic items, and spells. In my last campaign, the party spent several sessions’ worth of time sticking inside of single hexes, mostly dungeons and towns. December 1, 2015 December 30, 2018 AnarchyDice 1 Comment on Hexcrawl Encounters: Back to the Basics. Not all encounters are battles, some of them are just things that can happen or thing to be found. First, let me say that I am not a "prep heavy" guy. 3d8 City Encounters (lo res) 3d8 City Encounters (hi res) 1d10 Encounters in the Alkaline Wasted Woods (lo res) 1d10 Encounters in the Alkaline Wasted Woods (hi res) Rended Press Community Project - 2d24 Pit Trap Table Rended Press: The Good Stuff 2011–2012 S&W Appreciation Day 2013 Scenario: Harnly's Hole (updated PDF!) Are you tired of being human, having talented brain turning to a vampire in a good posture in ten minutes, Do you want to have power and influence over others, To be charming and desirable, To have wealth, health, without delaying in a good human posture and becoming an immortal? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Tomb of Annihilation (Dungeons & Dragons) at Amazon. Feel free to drop two or three of these puppies into a local inn when you're preparing your outposts and villages around the hexmap, to connect your characters instantly to an adventure you can… One of my personal hurdles with running exciting skill challenges is how to tune their difficulty. This post should serve as a reference for what to start reading before you start writing. There were 1400 hexes, roughly, and about 80 had pre-planned(but not entirely finished or even begun) stuff in them. ”Actually, that was a pun. Almost-Encounters: Sights, Sounds and Leavings Regularly, when I roll for random encounters underground or outdoors in a game, I allow for the possibility that some kind of clue to an encounter happens instead. A half dozen CR4 encounters would make up the easy fights and "random encounters" if used. A squad of 6 militia soldiers, cornering and killing a pair of Charcoalers (a small demon). An encounter occurs on a roll of X or lower, where X is the speed chosen divided by 5. What I settled on is a campaign structure I’ve taken to calling a civilizational hexcrawl. Recurring story threads and large-scale goals will naturally emerge from the way your players interact with the people, encounters, and places you create. My Iron Coast campaign is filled with both. Total of 18 encounters, most common in the middle range. I wanted to approximate the ratio of hexes-to-encounters. m. by Mike Shea on 14 August 2017. mhhh to much work for something I would not use. And that's done when a dungeon is not just a set of disparate encounters. But 1d100 - River Encounters The local piranha population infests the waters in higher numbers than usual, swarming anything in the water that moves. His project offers more than just adventures, it also has the tools to guide GMs in making their own epic-scale campaigns based on his decades of experience and research. I'm not saying that random encounters should be avoided. All the Wilderness Encounters are written up, now I'm going into design & layout and fleshing out the rules a bit more with an actual campaign-mode in mind. What I mean to say was I’d like to share some thoughts about writing up hex encounters. Awesome handouts for your players. Why? 16 thoughts on “ Overloading the encounter die ” Roger GS February 3, 2014 at 10:41 am. The thrust of a hexcrawl is to keep exploring, so having settlements be small and only have a few plots available in them will ensure the party keeps moving. Most of these will consist of 2-3 encounters. It's about creating an interesting dungeon. You'll get a much more thematically focussed adventure that way, and one that's much more likely to actually come to a satisfying conclusion. This is useful information, so for example; if I want to create a dungeon that can be completed in 1 session, I will create a dungeon with 5-6 'encounters' (there may be more areas, but they would be empty). Tell me to make that map, and It's a slow grind. (And if you want a small lair, pick a differnt card or ignore those Two weeks ago, my group finished its third FFG SW campaign using a mix of Edge of the Empire and Force & Destiny characters. +Joe Johnston released How to Hexcrawl: a nice little pay-what-you-want primer on running a hex crawl in Labyrinth Lord, or any other D&D-like, gathering together the rules and charts you might use as well as some advice. SciFi Name Generator; Random Generator; SWd20 Freight Jobs; SciFi World Generator The end of the world dragged my campaign kicking and screaming from a civilised network of roads and cities to a proper hexcrawl across the barren earth. You can also have the option of a pointcrawl that zoom on into a hexcrawl, i. Nothing states that every encounter has to start with combat. The Master Vampire encounter might be CR 7, as would the hardest encounters in the Palace, wizard's tower, and the sealed area under the gold mine. Check through the thread to get an idea of where we're going with that. With all the hex-crawling people are doing, a product like this is more useful for most people than in recent years past. Pathfinder Character Pathfinder Rpg Tabletop Rpg Tabletop Games Dm Screen Dragon Rpg Dungeons And Dragons COMMENTS ARE LOCKED! We hit 17k (in record time, holy moley) and so I will draw two winners from the comments below and then unlock the comments again. GM draws a card (more, if the area is rich in encounters) from action deck for each  Oct 2, 2017 This means that, outside of keyed hexes with static encounters, the game the first half of Tomb of Annihilation largely consists of a hex crawl. This full-campaign is portable to any world and will take your PCs from level 1 all the way up to 20. This was their smiles during character creation. It was great! But I would like to focus my next campaign much more on the hexcrawl part of gameplay, meaning less time delving dungeons and scheming in town and more time traveling overland. Friday I'll announce the winners! How did we I would reccomend checking for encounters 3-4 times a day with the chances of an encounter being 1 in 10 in uninhabited hexes, 1 in 12 for a slightly habited hex and 1 in 20 for a habited hex. There is a solution, though, and it also helps create a sandbox full of interesting details and points of interest, no matter how inspired (or not) you are. So for instance, Gary Gygax's advice about how to  Mar 14, 2014 The POIs on the hex map are the meat and drink of the hex crawl. I didn't take pictures later on when their characters died one by one thanks to some random wilderness encounters. A table of rumors and prophecies guide the player characters into the hexcrawl. I'm thinking it's a sort of 4th-edition miniature-y chess-y sort of thing, except on a hexmap and you use that Diplomacy mechanic where everyone writes down their moves in secret and reveals them. The idea is simple, but of course there are many things to consider. Have a Nice Trip at Goblin Punch (Random encounters) Hexcrawl Tips at World Builder Blog How I Hexcrawl at Lost Pages Hexcrawl Resources at Ars Phantasia Kievs at Games With Others (features a template of writing cities) Other ideas: fucked up versions of random encounters, changing the map while the party is in the dark, trading character sheets while the party is in the dark, spells escape and become hostile, magic items turn against you, another adventuring party and you're both convinced that the others are demons, new NPC joins the party and no one can tell who the new NPC is compared to the old one The first thing you need to make a hexcrawl is a tool to make maps with. The sandbox extends to the east of Bloodgate. The entire process, from coastline to completion, takes about an hour for a standard hexcrawl-sized map, if you're working on hex paper and using pencil crayons and ink. Unlike the last hexcrawl I made, this one is designed to be played with just standard D&D rules. It's should come as no surprise a 6-mile hex is small then a 30 mile hex but a lot of rules for outdoor adventure don't' take the actual scale of hexes used into consideration while most D&Dish games do have very clear rules tied to a likely scale of 10 feet (maybe 5) to a square. I love rumors. Anyone have any relatively simple random hexcrawl rules they can But The Dark of Hot Springs Island is great, inspiring stuff that makes me want to never try to write an adventure again. At the POIs, the players encounter monsters, humans, or undead living in  Mar 12, 2012 This free PDF is a comprehensive reference for creating dungeon and wilderness encounters using tables. TL/DR: During a hexcrawl journey, PCs can stumble upon various encounters. It provides rules for travel, exploration and encounters. - In a hexcrawl, many of the locations the players explore will be natural locations located in dangerous wilderness. A hexcrawl that I made, loosely based on Renaissance poetry and Celtic mythology. I produce books, courses, and an app to help game masters have more fun at every game. Random Encounters. g. How I Hexcrawl Here are some notes from a 2007 Wilderlands campaign journal detailing how I prep my hexcrawls for the Wilderlands of High Fantasy (JG). Anyone going deeper into Usk than Bloodgate will be killed on sight by Uskan legions or some other faction. PDF ebooks, including the foul-aired hexcrawl Fever Swamp, the Aggressive Ecology embodied in The Undead Leviathan, the BLUEHOLME Journeymanne Rules (plus its Referee Repository, Character Records, and the introductory module Necropolis of Posts about hexcrawl written by grimachu. Under what circumstances and how often will you roll for encounters and  Jul 4, 2018 Beneath the Sands hexcrawl map, made using Inkarnate. Therefore, look to books with lots of unconnected encounters that are moderately detailed: Vault of Larin Karr (just in case it being said three times didn't sink in!) Lost City of Barakus The Old School Encounters Reference, labeled as CDD #4 on Kellri's blog, is crammed full of various tables, including an expansion of the random wilderness system from the 1e DMG. For encounters with terrain and buildings, I would have pre written ones for the individual hexes if time allows. . ) when PCs are expected to travel long distances to get to their next destination, it might be typical for a DM to say "after a week long travel you all arrive at 'destination x,' subtract a week's rations," for the sake of "moving the story along. So instead of placing encounters that unfold a predetermined way, I place locations where something might be happening. but can my day job as a video producer contain any transferable skills that would help in creating an episodic adventure? This ten page adventure fits 21 encounters in to four pages. Hidden Territories brings the hexcrawl style of fantasy gaming to table top board games, with elements of role playing games (RPGs) we all love: persistent characters who level up, have special skills and abilities, acquire magical and mundane gear, with classes such as the classic warrior, mage, and rogue. To put it bluntly, hexcrawl encounters are like monster hotel dungeons, where each room contains creatures that are unrelated to monsters in another room or anything else in the gameworld. The encounters are more of a setup for the DM to fill in with a writing style that is not always consistent in how it conveys information, especially where enemies are involved. Remote forested mountain valley, maybe roll twice a day. 2. Thinking on it, quite a few famous Kurosawa films could probably be translated over into Hexcrawl - he did love his sprawling natural settings. This requires a complete GM’s map and an incomplete players’ map, but this seems to work – players like getting a map handout they can mark up with their own notes. I would love to run a 'living world' hexcrawl for my players, tight village and environs level, sprawling frontier style, etc. EXPLORATION ENCOUNTERS. The road between Manchester and Liverpool, just roll encounters. This presents the question: what is a road encounter? One: they're not caravan encounters. Over 1,300 downloads so far - what have you been waiting for!? When originally designing First Cities, I knew right away that I wanted to structure the campaign as a hexcrawl. Most encounters are somewhat fleshed out with a line or even a paragraph to guide the DM. Random encounters can add to the feel and excitement of the adventure. Even if you're not running random encounters, the adventure is less about the chase and more about tediously filling in the map until you find something interesting. the party contains demons, or is mostly tieflings, which ibixians all think are demons anyway) then the warband will attempt to surround the party and cow them into surrender, placing them in chains. Doldrum must constantly be testing new candidates. [Hoard of the Dragon Queen] Village Encounters Remixed HAIL TIAMAT When you roll a random encounter (ON WHICH MORE LATER, there's a whole new procedure to go along with this, but I'm trickle-trickling that content out), roll all the dice. Generating Random Encounter -. no level appropriate gating. As previously noted, the first half of Tomb of Annihilation largely consists of a hex crawl. They’re rolled on an overall list that covers multiple hexes, like an entire cluster of forest hexes, or maybe even just a whole hex map. I think keeping the tension up and forefront as well as a sense of the unknown and dangerous just beyond where they have explored is what, at least IMO, makes a hexcrawl fun. by Mike Shea on 26 May 2015. Hexcrawl Encounters: One Page Generator – Hello. This article will provide a guide to the official fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons adventures published by Wizards of the Coast. Here you will find many resources that you may find handy for Wizardawn gamesalong with some of your favorite role-playing games like OSRIC, Swords & Wizardry, Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future, Basic Fantasy Role-Playing Game, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Dungeons & Dragons, Tunnels & Trolls, and Swords & Six-Siders. A HexCrawl is a type of RPG adventure in which players explore the wilderness through a map divided into hexes, that allows a system- Random Urban Encounters Touted as a 5th edition-compatible supplement and published by Assassin Games, Random Urban Encounters provides 100 short descriptions of possible encounters in a fantasy city. You can read all previous posts with the  Sep 3, 2018 I established a rule for the random hex crawl encounters in the jungle to make things a little more dangerous. You could roll Yora's thread about hexcrawls again incited my interest in this specific type of games. From full-length adventures and rule supplementals to one-page pluggable modules, Taskboy Games has what you need to make your next game night fun. I love games where everything fits in one binder. But it doesn’t need to be this way. 1 hp, 8 Str, d6 bent swords, walk sideways, want to find reflections and destroy reflections. Feb 15, 2018 Here are the draft random encounter tables for my underground Veins of the Earth-inspired hexcrawl. Last time, I said I'd “provide short descriptions for each location on the [Minocra campaign] map. There are a lot of fiddly rules on different pages: you have to skip back and forth between the sections on weather, wandering monsters, getting lost, and random hex contents. For this table the choices are o A 100 entry encounter table based on a hexcrawl found on the internet called Hexcrawl of the Marcher Lords, Skerple's War entries from his blog, and other sources. 28 Responses to “Hexcrawl” Monstah says:. One of its most useful features is the huge amount of random tables. For Travel Encounters, see the later section. There are also tables for random village encounters and a specific Jerusalem encounter table. These can be connected together or connected to DungeonMorph cards. For wilderness encounters, I use the check frequency and dice described in the DMG (frequency depending on terrain, die type depending on proximity to "civilizing influences," and 25% of encounters in patrolled areas "converted" to a patrol encounter), but I roll randomly (on my trusty d24) for the actual hour when any encounters occur. (None of which is to say “you’re wrong!”. In this issue of NOD: A sandbox hexcrawl with more than 200 encounters, 50 new monsters inspired by European folklore, a pantheon of deities inspired by the Dacians and Thracians and two dungeon More > adventures - one for low-level parties and the other for mid-level parties. The two approaches blended together quite well as both reflected stories about characters exploring the history of the Galaxy outside of the greater civil war. Likewise, too few random encounters makes the hex crawl boring. encounters: you need to decide how trafficked and dense with bullshit the area is. The Hexcrawl in Actual Play Here's a sample from my campaign journal, again from the summer of '07, when I was running a lot of hex-based action. Should usable in any area of the region. a young doctor who asks to be escorted from one hex to the other. Tribality. I've been writing and publishing Roleplaying Tips since 1999. Overland encounter tables are probably the single most reusable thing you can make, make it once and just use it over and over forever, and the steady beat of the dungeon encounter roll is the time pressure that penalises overcautious parties. Subscribe to get the free product of the week! One-click unsubscribe later if you don't enjoy the newsletter. customer. Additional exploration and travel mechanics to bring back the mystery of wilderness exploration! Comprehensive guide and examples for building evocative random encounter tables! Ideas for hazards, roleplay, mapping, player-facing goals and roles to make hexcrawling a blast! Old School Hacks Vol 1 Mapping to See What Happens - A Savage Worlds Sandbox Hexcrawl Greetings! It’s been a while since I endeavored to try out Ben Wray's Dungeon World hexcrawl idea , but I did say I would report on my findings, so here it is. Follow AnarchyDice on 5e About AD&D Asking questions BECMI Castle Character Creation Character Options Combat connections Critical Rolls D&D Depression Encounters Failure GM HexCrawl Hoard of the Dragon Queen Introducing new players magic MelesMaps Melestrua's Mystara Module Preparation Ragnar's Keep Resources Role-play RPDaDay RPGaDay RPGaDay2018 RPGaDay2019 Skill Hexcrawl Encounters: One Page Generator After a lot of hard work and helpful links to better bloggers than I, my hexcrawl encounter generator has been put together. Pick the 4 or 6 most important Population locales and draw a quarter page sketch map of the settlement. For the most part, I stuck to entire regions instead of Hex by Hex — I want to use these for potential random encounters. What I want to talk about, though is how to handle checking for encounters. All missions have a HexCrawl Section that makes players travel across the map. I think I've made this point several times before. The dungeon contains the macguffin and maybe the mad mage. Sandbox games or hex crawls give you a lot of freedom to explore and discover but without a lot of extra effort your characters aren’t going to make a true impact on the world. Want to get involved in the world's most comprehensive hexcrawl generator, but don't know where to start? Why, you've come to the right place! I am not a coder - not by a long shot - but I figured Hex Describe out, and you can too. Additional exploration and travel mechanics to bring back the mystery of wilderness exploration! Comprehensive guide and examples for building evocative random encounter tables! Ideas for hazards, roleplay, mapping, player-facing goals and roles to make hexcrawling a blast! Old School Hacks Vol 1 D&D 5th Edition Random Encounter Generator Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7 Level 8 Level 9 Level 10 Level 11 Level 12 Level 13 Level 14 Level 15 Level 16 Level 17 Level 18 Level 19 Level 20 Hey all! Some people have asked what resources I'm using for the sandbox game The West Marches, so here's a list of all the blog posts, random generators, and supplements I've found most useful so far! The first in a series of posts whereby I discuss the merits of the old school hexcrawl. Random Tables of the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide. 8 Wilderness Encounters During Overland movement, roll 2D10 and consult this section to determine your encounter result. Unless the party is obviously stronger than them in terms of numbers or visible ferocity (i. The 5th Edition Dungeon Master's Guide is packed with useful information for your 5e Dungeons and Dragons game. All PCs are unwelcome in Usk. It looks like Hot Springs Island is just one hexy island in an archipelago, so we could be in for a Goldmother's Vale is a small sandbox hexcrawl built from the repurposed, reskinned, and remixed monsters of D&D 5e's Lost Mine of Phandelver with a couple maps by Dyson motherfucking Logos. ) 5: Beneficial creature: There are actually a few good monsters in D&D, along with friendly adventurers, kobold bands looking for a new king, and suspicious traders with valuable information to sell. 1d4+1 Townies on their way to get a drink at the Bastion. Looking at the map, I feel like a lot of the action will take place on the main landmass; yet a lot of the location based encounters are on the periphery. Trash hexes abounds. I'm running the hexcrawl portion of Tomb of Annihilation right now, so there's a lot to keep track of. Finishing the overland map for Tarantis now has me  Records 1 - 9 of 9 After a lot of hard work and helpful links to better bloggers than I, my hexcrawl encounter generator has been put together. What is Hexcrawl? Hexcrawl is a technique for running wilderness (or wasteland, or space, or any uncharted lands) adventures. 95 you get all seven titles in our Starter Collection (retail value $48) as DRM-free . 2) Create five ordinary random encounters for each region; three common ones, two slightly less common. The best skill challenges, like the best traps and the best combat encounters, serve the game, not the other way around. For the purposes of this hexcrawl, I want each hex to contain the following: a Delve, Snake Note, Mystery and Unique Terrain. Description. While that lets random encounters (which I love!) to bear the brunt, part of the appeal of a big hexcrawl to me is finding places that can be revisited later. An old bridge has washed away, revealing the remnants of something much older. Because the basic terrain generation procedure is identical to the DMG procedure, I won't generate a new map sample, but I'll talk about the expanded portion. Happy Happy Hexcrawl Joy Joy! The Frog God has informed me that the first of my Hex Crawl Classics is being printed AS WE SPEAK!!! Okay, maybe not exactly as I speak I love rumors. Some are shorter, e. Friday I'll announce the winners! How did we COMMENTS ARE LOCKED! We hit 17k (in record time, holy moley) and so I will draw two winners from the comments below and then unlock the comments again. ] The White Jungle is an immense riot of fungal blooms that springs downward from the bottom of Zyan . 5 campaign this upcoming school semester and I want to run it more old school (but with 3. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and love bacon, d20s, and sword & sorcery books with a little hard sci-fi thrown in. The sealed altar in the ruined city, mentioned above, is a great example. Welcome to & Magazine's - Wizardawn Games. The Angry GM delivers advice to players and dungeon masters of fantasy role-playing games with humor, snark, and attitude. Encounter Choose: Investigate the Something that I gather people have been doing for as long as there has been roleplaying but that I've only picked up semi-recently is the inclusion of a subtable of unique entries for encounters. Using the methodology mentioned in my last post there is a 1-in-3 chance of a hex having a monster for a hexes-to-encounter ratio of 3:1 which gives me approximately 133 monster encounters in my 400 hexes. So what levels are encounters in the wilderness? Reallyhow tough a hexcrawl or more open wilderness is matters a lot on expectations set up when initially populated. Vallaki has a palisade that helps keep some of Strahd’s creatures like wolves and minor undead at bay. The deceased rests bare atop a litter. The first I saw of it was over at Middenmurk, and I've been studiously including them ever since. Even better, you'll know where and when these events happen. Hexcrawl Encounters: Back to the Basics. It takes a lot of trial and error, generally, and the number one rule you should remember is: you make the rules. Classic hexcrawl usually involves something like "the mad mage stole the magic macguffin and fled to the forest! You must recover it!". In your demo it seems that, whether conveniently or coincidentally, a weird situation (like two pieces sharing a hex) never comes up, but it would have to be spelled out before anyone could play this. Cons: Unrealistic? Just because the adventurers arrive at their destination, does not mean that they only encounter friendly faces along the way. Hexcrawl Procedures February 22, 2014 Game Design game design , Hexcrawl Tad Davis As someone who began his role playing career quite late in the game I missed out on the whole hexrawl phenomena of older generations of D&D. Malloy's Almanac is a neat little book of random tables that can be added to encounters. Hexcrawl campaign guide The DM’s Map Drawing Guide Dungeons & Dragons and D&D are property of Wizards of the Coast LLC in the U. In Fight On! #12, Daniel Boggs gives us the first installment of an entire RPG system called Champions of ZED. So if you really want to run a hexcrawl that will challenge the party, you're going to have to pump up the numbers and types of enemies. It is a great way to flesh out (by including some of these pre-created one-shots, or on the spur of the moment) an area by placing a couple of these encounters in a couple of your hexes. I want to create something a bit terrifying, but still manageable because my players are getting stronger. February 16, 2016 Old School Encounters Reference (PDF) This free PDF is a comprehensive reference for creating dungeon and wilderness encounters using tables. Campaign Arcs It’s fine to run Downcrawl as a pure randomized hexcrawl. , the PCs travel from locale to locale according to the pointcrawl but then each locale has a detailed hex map with various encounters. 5, 4e, etc. There is a Watchtower newly constructed on it. service@paizo. Maybe their enemies are occupying dungeons for their purposes (again making random dungeons- explored or unexplored- meaningful dungeons), or they put a price on some character head (making random encounters relevant encounters). The quests don't wait for the characters. Brass Tacks / D&D, D&D fifth edition, D&D Next, D&D5e, DnD, dungeons and dragons, random encounters, world building, worldbuilding / 2 comments. Your standard hexcrawl rules now apply. EXPLORATION  And note that I said “location”, not encounter. Tips and tricks on developing both player- and character-driven goals that promote a strong hexcrawl campaign. Every millennium, a terrible evil trapped in the heart of the Luna Valley awakens to wipe civilization out — and the last awakening happened 1,000 years ago…. Creating hex content. The party was lost in the woods due to being chased by some elephant men from a portal that opened behind the party the session before (a current on going plot) and so they dived deeper into the wild in an attempt to get away. Random overland encounters: In my opinion, this is an important emergent mechanic for this style of play. 5). In this first issue of NOD, you can explore the Wyvern Coast, a sandbox hexcrawl with over 190 encounters. I’ll consider that. If you've ever thought about ways to make your 5e D&D combat encounters more deadly and lethal, this is the episode for you! We're sharing our tips and techniques to make encounters more Have a Nice Trip at Goblin Punch (Random encounters) Hexcrawl Tips at World Builder Blog How I Hexcrawl at Lost Pages Hexcrawl Resources at Ars Phantasia Kievs at Games With Others (features a template of writing cities) HexCrawl A homebrew expansion for. Delve - I want at least one dungeon. 13+ The nasty stuff out in the untamed wilds. These will be 85% of everything encountered in random encounters. You would need a better system for mounted combat than any I currently know about. 95. com A major consideration for a DM designing a hexcrawl is going to be the scale of the hexes. I think the format works very well for this kind of "find the lost thing" adventures, since if you're looking for something that you have no clue where it is it makes a lot of sense to proceed slowly, make constant decisions on your course and move without any clear direction. Feb 20, 2014 The Hex Crawl: a nice quick write-up on how to design and integrate Hexcrawl Encounters: some helpful advice on how the function of hex  Mar 12, 2014 Hexcrawl encounters can be, and often are, modeled after dungeon crawl encounters. Fantasy City Sewer Generator: Entrance Type, d6: 1) Broken, smashed-in, twisted or otherwise easily passable Sewer Grate. I already use 1-2; perhaps combining this with my existing system of sending a token round the table, changing after every room explored or combat scene. I picked up Judges Guild’s Field Guide to Encounters[1] mainly because I’d heard it was full of funny monsters (think April issue of Dragon Magazine, but weirder), and because of its glorious cover. I got bored yesterday and started making a new hexcrawl. You can see previous encounters here. And that in itself can be a reason why nobody has explored this area: it's dangerous! Perhaps this site, though interesting to the players, isn't something a normal hunter/scout would risk their neck to explore. A creature with good maneuverability uses up 5 feet of its speed to start flying backward. A hexcrawl in search of a marauding giant, it does a decent job with hex rules. Shadows of Brimstone. In it, I’ve merged the traditional planning, procedures, and game play of an old school fantasy RPG hexcrawl with a goal-driven resource management component one typically sees in digital games like Civilization or the Total War series. 4-6: Large Warband:There will be 4D6 ibixians, 1D2 warchiefs and a 50% chance of 1D2 shamans. HEXCRAWL OF THE MARCHER LORDS I can imagine coming up with my own set of encounters, using Robert’s take on things as a good example of how to proceed. Now you can add your monster lairs, mysterious wizards, lost peasants, magic sheep, dragons, dungeons, and other stuff. However, I would like to know, which system - and WHY (this is quite important) do you think is the best one for hexcrawls. That last category is broad, clearly. There's some references to other d100 encounter tables that I'll remove/update one day. OotA recommends checking twice per day for random encounters, which has the  I'm sure there are people out there who know exactly how a hex crawl should run in . 2 - Monsters. They should be a sentence each. com is an ENnie nominated website which provides a collection of advice, homebrews, tools, research, news and other fun tabletop RPG stuff for Gamemasters and Players. Here's the easiest way to help this project out. A. ” Actually, that was a pun. Hot Springs Island is a hexcrawl, and The Dark contains all the details needed to run a sandbox game there. Neutral (success) vs. Roll on table 1, 2 and 3 to create random encounters within “normal” space (not hyperspace/black holes/warp tunnels, etc). I want to focus on something with an affliction because I don't have a lot of interesting monsters with affliction abilities that are strong enough, so let's go with a giant tsetse fly! Peril is a hexcrawl spanning scores of leagues, populated by ferocious beasts and punctuated by keyed encounters. ) @AlexSchroeder: I find the hexcrawl to be useful if exploration is the name of the game. The generic encounters by terrain type are pretty sketchy, so that I can fit them in whereever, whereas the Honestly, unless you're specifically in the market for a huge sprawly hexcrawl, I think you'd be better off running any one of these individually. And random encounters spoil the GM’s carefully balanced encounter budget, and might be too easy or too tough for the characters. There are 75 locations on the island, and 26 maps ranging from ogre villages to a ruined elven city to the volcanic lair of a vain efreet. There’s between 4 and 8 entries on this table, and nothing is too specific. Reply Delete Finally, at least as far as I am concerned, the number of encounters per day hasn't really been the most important thing for my hexcrawl. (flying PCs may ignore almost all other encounters, but a 4 is always another flying creature. Entries 1-6 should be the types of things you'd run into close to a civilised settlement or main road. So here it is. See for, example this blog post at Monsters and Manuals and the organization chart from The Wire. So for instance, Gary Gygax’s advice about how to randomly determine the contents of a room or chamber… I try not to do hexcrawl encounters on the fly, so any regional map that the PCs are exploring already have each 5-mile hex keyed (or unkeyed, as the case may be). Hexcrawl on the Planet of the Apes: The Set Up art by Declan Shalvey I'm getting ready to start my Planet of the Apes hexcrawl so I prepared a document outlining the mission that brings the PC astronauts to the ape-ruled future. S. Travel as adventure gets old when travel is a required adventure between EVERY adventure. I'm mostly a fantasy and D&D GM. There aren’t any real encounters because this isn’t an adventuring location, but here are some common things you might see entering or hanging around the town of Stones. Veins of the Earth is an amazing book. Hover. It’s the most comprehensive I’ve seen, and like most OSR stuff it’s broadly compatible with everything from the original edition up through AD&D 2e, Castle and Crusades, and all of the retro-clones. If directed to by the encounter, flip to the Encounter Results section for expanded results. I tend to be more of a open option GM without the need of a provided crutch. 4 Bad Copies. This is an awful, painful place to travel through. The West Highland way, roll for a random encounter every hour. Feb 27, 2019 Hexcrawl Encounters: One Page Generator. 10 Bad Copies. I don’t want to have to restock it. Move Backward. Many of them "trigger" the story threads mentioned above. Focus on the hexcrawl. Last night I ran my first expedition into hex crawling, and honestly it was one of the better gaming nights we've had. The book has several encounters ready to go, not Charisma bonuses to morale only apply to beings of similar species (humans, demi-humans, and creatures with human-like motives) where the high Charisma figure is a leader of the others. The first time was with muscle and horses and the ground was so well churned with human fat that the topsoil was buttery and burned easily and decades later Chinese emissaries reported the environs still riddled with bones. Aug 14, 2018 TLDR How to stop worrying and embrace the hexcrawl (Part 1). to 5:00 p. HexCrawl and Sandbox. Enjoy! Encounters: A list of random encounters in the area. I let the players pick their missions and then weave them into a story, basically the players pick the coarse. - HexCrawl integration: While the campaign can be played completely without HexCrawl it was written with that system in mind. The OD&D wilderness charts were full of party-killers unless folks were name level and/or very large groups as was the Expert booklet version of the game. Hexcrawl Dread Kisthenes. Game should just read a file in which a map, hex descriptions and some rudimentary relationships to make quests avaliable (Pick an item from 1021 and bring it to 2045 to get a reward) are defined. Need Help? Mon–Fri, 10:00 a. 2) Slime covered, rotten, soggy wooden door. They are ordered in my own order of preference, from top to bottom. Crosses and double crosses become the shifting landscapes and wandering monster encounters of the political landscape. Juicy, vague, threatening or misleading - they all serve the same purpose in a hexcrawl: find the dungeon. At the judge’s discretion, the adventure can be expanded into an entire Squeezed in a little session of Maze Rats while on family vacation. The first thing is usually an encounter with people or wildlife. Thus, I am here to suggest two of my favorite tools: Donjon and Hexographer. Manipulate. A funeral procession wearing strange masks. For 4 to 6 mile hexes, roll 3d on the table below. For each new hex entered, a roll is first made to check for lair encounters using % in Lair, followed by roll(s) on the Chance of Discovery column made for all “wandering” groups in the area. Make up the rest. It's the most comprehensive I've  Aug 8, 2013 We are filling a hex crawl map on Roludo (a Montreal gaming community forum). Random encounters with Dogmen could still be generated on top of that. Hostile (failure) Pros: Rewards players for rolling well on Survival checks. Savage Hexcrawl - Part 3: GM's Encounter Rules The "joys" of life slowed the savage hexcrawl in past few weeks down to a crawl (oh, bad puns!). Initially I was thinking large--say each hex would represent two days of travel for an unencumbered person walking presuming no obstacles whatsoever. The kidnapped person is brought into the presence of the captive king, and the two will compete in a contest of creativity and wit. A Sandbox game is one in which minimal restrictions are placed upon the players, enabling them to go forth and interact with the setting as they see fit. Roll a d6 twice to find out which hour of the day or night; if the second die comes up 4-6, add 6 to the first die to find the hour. It is usually paired with sandbox style play to create a truly open world game. Jun 25, 2017 Off the Beaten Path is another great book of small encounters you can 10 of the Hobbs and Friends of the OSR for more hexcrawl resources. By rolling 3D6, the DM can determine the weather for that day, see if the party get's lost, check for encounters, obstacles and delays. The code for this table was the same as for some of the other tables so it was straight forward to copy and change the encounters. 7-12 anything further out (like wild animals, bandits, etc). Area 7 - Coastal Encounters is done. “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. 67 notes. Parsing out which is which has taught me a lot about how I prefer to design a hexcrawl/sandbox/whatever. The game centers around the town of Shearing, a place of cool, pine choked valleys and green pastoral mountains ringed by snowcapped peaks. The ability to stay in one place while airborne. There will definitely be peasants bringing produces to merchant towns and cities. The Village of Barovia is unprotected from outside forces and that’s why the population is so small, and has been decreasing over the years. While the characters are sailing or camping in the desert, roll a d20 three times per day of game time, checking for encounters each morning (6am - 2pm), afternoon (2pm - 10pm), and night (10pm to 6am). I've written a hexcrawl incorporating as much Veins content as I could manage, plus a few more factions, races, and encounters. I General This hex is located south-east of the Haven, turning east at the junction that goes to the Nilvan Bridge. 5, D&D 4E, 5E, Pathfinder, D&D Next, or any other role-playing game. But I have a significantly higher chance of generating multiple encounters per day. I was a scout. The OSR, yes I am still using that term, when not chewing off its own leg, is a fierce, creative force. Feel free to drop two or three of these puppies into a local inn when you’re preparing your outposts and villages around the hexmap, to connect your characters instantly to an adventure you can run by the seat of your pants. Print this out to help you easily run roleplaying encounters with over two dozen plot-related NPCs. Pacific (425) 250-0800. In general though, I think the hexcrawl is mainly meant for levels 2-5, though. They're so clutch that I should actually write another blog post  Superhero Random Encounters. Continuing my concept of developing encounters using the list of GURPS afflictions as a guide and CER to balance them for low level, today we come to Tipsy and Drunkenness. This was, of course, heavily influenced by Goblinpunch's Have a Nicer Trip, which does random encounters so well. A load of encounter tables for different types of foes. Nevertheless the series is not abandoned and is continuing today with the topic of encounters. Show me an overland map, and I'll think up hundreds of fun encounters, plot points, etc. the second time was faster, Kiev having been reduced to a military research station in the middle of burning wasteland, and was transported with the tearing of atoms and a Zamonian Encounters I personally think that a Bollogg is essentially a mobile environment and could make for a good vertical hexcrawl. TL;DR: You can model a series of encounters by drawing from a deck  Aug 30, 2017 As I mentioned in my last post I'm working on encounter tables and I've before reading up on hexcrawls I'd always found random encounter  Oct 28, 2015 These could then be worked in when relevant results show up on your Random Encounter Tables (see below), or when your Game Master  I also got another little side project with a random encounter table done and I will talk about that a bit later. BORDER ENCOUNTERS: % chance in a hex bordering on a different region of rolling on that region’s encounter tables. The ability to move backward without turning around. It should be available from Rogue Comet and some point. I went in expecting to enjoy the funny bits, but not find much I could actually use — but the Field Guide […] Today’s post includes four more days of hexcrawl encounters, with statistics and system-neutral descriptions, that you can drop into your game with minimal preparations. This means that, outside of keyed hexes with static encounters, the game in this portion consists of procedurally-generated content. By shedding the simulationism of the traditional hexcrawl, it becomes much more palatable to me. Hello Gianters! So I am starting a 3. Science Fiction. Let's have some fun. I've attempted to unpack some of the astonishingly dense content into a more digestible and immediately accessible form. Print-friendly black and white. a random encounter chart that reminds you of the 5e hex crawl, wandering monsters, weather, navigation, and surprise rules Running a by-the-book 5e hex crawl takes practice. I’m just answering your question about why I do things differently. I found your site this week, and found many, many pearls here. Mar 14, 2012 Creating hex content. For most, it is the benchmark for hex-crawling modules. My major problem is that I can't draw for crap. Make some fucking content. One of the key elements of a hexcrawl, and one of the things I wanted to concentrate on in this campaign, is the random wilderness encounter. d100 Goblintown Encounters 01 Goblins with pushcart selling addictive fairy fruit 1cp each 02 Goblin with pushcart selling magic mushrooms, various prices 03 Goblin offers to show you a enormous mushroom he has under his coat 04 Goblin selling glowing tiny faeries in bottles make great lanterns 30gp 05 Goblins playing leapfrog invite you to join in The latest adventure for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, Tomb of Annihilation, offers a change of pace for previous offerings. Last time, I said I’d “provide short descriptions for each location on the [Minocra campaign] map. In a cyberpunk setting the thing to be explored becomes the web of intrigue among the movers and the shakers in the campaign. Remember that it's not only about creating interesting encounters. Let me rewind for a second. I did a much better job of making the encounters more a part of a whole than just a bunch of non-connected things one might meet. You could really play your wargame campaign with "encounters" that are about negotiating trade and such. The air burns to breathe, the rain is acid, and the threat of a Gas Front rolling through and vapourising all organic life is ever-present. Unique NPC Encounters d100 Table Today I thought I would present something a little different but could be useful in any old school campaign. The encounters are quite varied, and also very interactive. Typically, I would gauge where the players were likely to travel, between point A and point B, and make a quick list of what was probably going to be in each hex. Judges should anticipate allowing at least two sessions for PCs to solve the riddles of the Purple Planet. Johnn Four of Roleplaying Tips is running a Kickstarter for The Demonplague - A 5E Campaign With Sandbox & Hexcrawl. For those unfamiliar with the term, a hexcrawl is a RPG campaign approach where the DM builds a setting; maps it to a large hex map; keys the hexes with locations, lairs, and encounters; and then… I reckon that if you cut all the fiction, the railroaded plot arcs, the interminable stat blocks, the poorly-thought-through mass battle and domain management rules, the needlessly huge map, and all the boring encounters, it's possible to cut those 600 pages down into a pretty good 3-page hexcrawl set in a single decent-sized forest. Table 1 gives the “area” that the encounter takes place in – these are intended to give interesting cover and obstacles to any potential stunt fighter battles. Some rusted iron re-enforcement (25% chance of being locked). The focus of this Patreon will be producing material for sandbox-style hexcrawls, and the Since I'm writing about overland travel, I might as well point to the small hexcrawl I did last year. The Inverted Jungle as 3-D Hex Crawl [ Note: there is a more recent version of these rules, available here . Hexcrawls in Play is an entire chapter of player-centric material: A player-friendly discussion of what hexcrawl campaigns mean to them. Mar 3, 2018 GM a clever mix of classic D&D adventure, sandbox, and hexcrawl in a a post- apocalyptic fantasy city encounter generator, 3 NPC write-ups,  Hot Springs Island is a hexcrawl, and The Dark contains all the details needed Finally, 448 random events and encounter motivations help ensure that every  May 27, 2019 I have not played anything using a hex crawl element as part of the hexes there are fixed encounters, but the majority of the hexes are empty,  This game map was used as the first wilderness “hex-crawl” for what eventually Monster and NPC statistics are provided for each encounter area detailed. No unique encounters here, although if some encounter no longer makes sense for some reason, replace it with the next most common thing encountered in the region. They are a sentence or two each. 1. I will roll to see if the players stumble on the location, and if so, give them information based on what they witness. The Dark of Hot Springs Island is a system-neutral hexcrawl by Jacob Hurst of Swordfish Islands. and other countries. EMO DnD Rules and world Hexcrawl Sandbox Wilderness Your underdark is soft - description, history and encounters Underland Ogres For GMs, though, running a hexcrawl can be a lot of work, especially if you aren’t using a pre-written setting. So this post may be a bit all over the place and random, as my thoughts are a bit scattered on the subject, but I will at least try to cram as much stuff in as I can that I have located on the subject of, and that I'd like to use for, a Superhero Open World Sandbox Hexcrawl, along with my ramblings on the subject. All combat is mounted. Each description offers a quick paragraph of readable text, a paragraph on what's going on, and some "what if?" I enjoyed +Chris McDowall's Small Tables and have written one for encounters within the abandoned Copy Vats. Usually characters can “long rest”  Feb 11, 2016 Great random encounter tables are a key ingredient in any successful hex crawl. The adventure is about getting there and back, and while the dungeon is often the highlight its not really the major focus of the hexcrawl. Review of The Islands of Purple-Haunted Putrescence Goto [ Index ] This is an RPG campaign setting of about 110 pages with lots black and white illustrations (nearly one illustration per page, some full-page) and has roughly 20 lists and tables of various types used for character building, encounters, rumors and other rich setting material. Some of the maps will have corridors that lead to one or more card edges. Also make sure and check out the show notes from Episode 10 of the Hobbs and Friends of the OSR for more hexcrawl resources. Game masters and players are sure to find something of use, whether they are playing AD&D, D&D 3. A monster that can do both! A diffuse alcohol elemental in the shape of a dog! Mechanics Starting out, mechanically, these afflictions cost 2 points in CER for Tipsy, and 4 Think of them as the "Book of Lairs" meets "Mad Libs" to help a GM make better random encounters or to help stock a hexcrawl area. Specializing in producing playing aids for the Labyrinth Lord ™ RPG, Taskboy Games brings an authentic, Old School feel to today's gaming table. In new school era games (3e, 3. If an encounter is indicated, the Referee then check surprise. Come up with 6 to 12 general encounter for the region as a whole. That Dire Bear warren you cleared? (Although a cultist-road sounds great for a wilderness encounter. For those situations when you want to introduce a unique NPC to the party to spice things up either while the party is travelling or possibly hanging out at a local watering hole, strange and unique A standalone PDF with picture of the NPC and roleplaying and plot overview. - Thing. Encounters v0. Reverse. I used my improvisation program, Improvisr, to generate the inspiration for these encounters. For just US$12. I have a spreadsheet containing the weather, terrain, encounters, quick encounter notes, and miscellaneous info for each day. Also up for consideration are: Tarkovsky's Stalker but, like, as a Hexcrawl adaption of the film, not latter-day Stalker products Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. After you resolve interaction between two encounters, that's it. Five expansive tables of random encounters that suggest a bizarre and mysterious setting. The rules seem pretty solid (assuming all the rules of Chess are still in effect), except for the order in which we resolve encounters and capture. Players decide why. It is a fully illustrated 192 page book. " After you resolve interaction between two encounters, that's it. It is encouraged to play at least with the Overworld Travel Rules/Encounters as well as the Town Board. Today again, this is a most happy find: in my next session, two weeks from now, I’ll probably run out of excuses to keep my players trapped in a Son of Ether building, and they’ll reach the part of the quest in which they explore the Umbra. I discuss the hexcrawl generator in more detail, go through examples, and discuss my creative sources. I am saying though, that it's actually harder to make an interesting dungeon when you use random encounters. The traps are tough but avoidable, and if they all trigger in sequence, the result is amplified: a blast of cold will freeze the character in-place in ankle-deep water, making it impossible for them to evade the next blast. Exploration encounters only occur during watches in which the characters are traveling or otherwise exploring the area. Suggestions, corrections, etc: to  Dec 11, 2018 First the dungeon crawl, next the hex crawl, then came the point crawl. I made a random encounter table to play our collective hex  Dec 21, 2016 Of course, this isn't required, and you can moderate encounters by Old-school fantasy hex-crawl resources: From the Gnome Stew blog. Monsters may also have leaders who give morale bonuses but risk morale checks if they themselves fall. - Ninya. Roll Title. A shady salesman peddling keys to buildings all around town. That being said, it's interesting to roll everything and, again, create links with other features of the hex. Whatever is generated should warp/mutate slightly to fit the solar system it is encountered in. But that was a little crazy. If encounters and travel is measured per hex, then you have more encounters near civilization than you do away from it, rather than a static 3 chances per day or some such. So I am running a hexcrawl! Now I wanted to make encounters difficult and I've read plenty of guides and similar on how to do this but they don't really cover what I am looking for. 1 - Target. Every NPC portrait, each on their own full page. Encounters in the Savage Jungles is a hefty (80-page) PDF, released on the DM’s Guild as a supplement to Tomb of Annihilation (or any other jungle content) for $6. In true sandbox fashion the idea was to have no “safety net” when it came to random encounters, for either the PCs or my oh so precious NPCs and monsters, i. Yeah, wilderness exploration, with random encounter tables by  Feb 17, 2017 And now I'm looking at 9,600 hexes that need encounters and locations? Didn't Matt do a video on random encounters or hexcrawls? Here we go:. Conceits. Hexcrawl encounters can be, and often are, modeled after dungeon crawl encounters. ” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice Adventures in Wonderland Putting together a project like this from scratch without any previous experience has the potential for creating nonsense. A Literal Sandbox Taking its cue its title, if not its cue, from Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore , Slumbering Ursine Dunes is a mini-sandbox style setting designed for characters of between Second and Fourth Level for use with Goblinoid Games’ Labyrinth Lord . But the light-railroading and over-reliance on pre-planned encounters that lead you to meet Planet of Adventures-style each major sentient race on the planet sadly eclipse what could have been a truly great example of location-based hex-crawling love. hexcrawl encounters

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