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co. home. We use cookies to make our site work correctly, to help understand how it is used and to provide more relevant product recomendations on For Fans By Fans websites. ALOHA LADIES AND GENTS! It’s that time again! Anime Expo 2013 is looming on the horizon and this is the tumblr post that you can use to properly plan around for the Official Homestuck Gatherings! Gatherings? © MS Paint Fan Adventures 2010-2019 | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service | EXCLUSIVE OFFER! Join HENTAI PROS today for just $1$1 VIZ Media’s HOMESTUCK publishing acquisition complements the recent announcement of the long-awaited release of HIVESWAP: ACT 1 by game development studio What Pumpkin Games (WPG). Shop homestuck t-shirts created by independent artists from around the globe. The creator of Homestuck, Andrew Hussie, is friends with Toby Fox, and they're both massively influenced by Earthbound. k. So. Have you read Homestuck? Do you know it? If so you will (hopefully) love this quiz!! if you've ever wanted to know who you lover would be then this quiz is for you. I don't plan on changing it yet. 4 Sep 2012 An adventure game based on Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie. Homestuck Major Arcana Part I: The Beta Kids four cards down, eighteen to go! I’m going to continue to post these in smaller groups. 2: Umpteen year break. cynicalandglorious:. Deep breathe. support at https://t. I have school, too, so I might be inactive, but i'll be here May I get,,,, a Karkat with curly-ish hair, nose piercings, and his usual sweater w shorts and long socks w cats on em, either hugging or smooching an Equius who was a bit chubby but still stronk, with ear piercings and no glasses? Im sorry if this is too detailed,,,, tysm tho whether you do or don't decide to do it <33 Homestuck Comic Homestuck Equius Home Stuck Agoraphobia Disney Channel Boi Me Gustas Troll Told You So Best homestuck memes - popular memes on the site iFunny. (Man, Hiveswap has been kicking around nearly as long as Polygon has, folks. com (all countdown dates are made assuming that homestuck will end on April 13, 2013. Newgrounds: Homestuck is a webcomic that parodies video games. ” A little over 24 hours after he launched Homestuck Adventure Game I am Dahni, an INTP, Witch of Light and Derse Dreamer In The Land of Fog and Reflection. Meat and Candy. An aesthetic/moodboard for a pastel tealblood from an rp timeline where they felt crappy for being such an asshole to everyone because they believed they could be as much of an asshole as they wanted as long as the muns approved it at the time @die-06. Hopefully what I’ve got in mind for the future will be as memorable as Rainbow Dash Reads Homestuck was. The a countdown blog for the end of homestuck, which can be found and read at mspaintadventures. > Engage in useless [S] Cascade, the finale of Act 5, is the definite record-holder so far. Ok this one is Rose after she stopped “Homestuck”’s emphasis on friendships, especially long-distance ones, is especially important to fans like 19-year-old Sierra, from Texas, who asked that we refer to her using a pseudonym, for privacy's sake. The different classes change how a characer uses their aspect. Literally 3/4 of 17776 fan seem to be Homestucks on Tumblr. We print the highest quality homestuck t-shirts on the internet Like Homestucks saying upd8. Based in the universe of Hussie's MS Paint Adventures webcomic Homestuck, it focuses on a girl who is accidentally transported to the planet of Alternia—home of the troll species seen in Homestuck. Act 2, everybody! I’m thinking it won’t go quite as quickly as Act 1, but to be honest I have no idea how long homestuck even is. Paradox Space is © 2018 What Pumpkin Studios LLC | privacy policyprivacy policy *** 2014 VERSION *** Welcome to the new and improved Zules Homestuck Title Test! This test was created by Zules (Sylph of Hope) and Grogert331 (Mage of Time), and it will determine your Homestuck title in only 3 questions! The narrative of Homestuck, simply put, is about a group of four young teens, a set of online friends who play a reality-warping cooperative game that both destroys all life on Earth (twice, after 3,529 Likes, 326 Comments - What Pumpkin (@_homestuckofficial_) on Instagram: “You have a feeling it’s going to be a long fall. The longest singular song is "Renewed Return," a choral song that clocks in at nine full minutes and ten seconds. i started this web comic a few days ago and seems pretty interesting so far, im on act 2, but ive heard theres like 8000 pages. I'll draw your fan land if you want ;) If you want your land drawn send in an ask!! REQUESTS ARE CLOSED! Make sure you read the rules before requesting: @homestuck-lands-rules After a long inactivity because of an inactive founder and co-founder, our co-founder has returned and promoted some active contributors (such as myself) to co-founder to keep this group alive All of the full folders have been replaced and the group is ready to thrive once again Homestuck - Mythological Class Quiz. Hi everyone it’s me Tsuyo I just wanted to say that I will leave this ask blog for a while because I started to fall from the Fandom, I mean, i still like homestuck but I got other favorite things in my life, for example, sonic, undertale, fnaf, bnha, and a really long etc of other stuff. I'd prefer a troll if possible. spoilers ahead. a combo of well known and rare vines, these got the approval of my friend aurora who is literally a homestuck dictionary. this results in all the non-canonical fan fiction pairing stuff like marriage, children, babies and relationships and Gamzee having a "redemption arc" that no one sane believes him about. . Doc scratch, I find is a difficult character to cosplay; It’s really hard to get the globe head looking as flawless as this one, and some cosplayers don’t like to spend the extra mile in getting a proper, well-fitted suit. I'm going to finish Act 1 by next Friday!". " Hiveswap: Act 1, the long awaited Homestuck game, releases on September 14th. Anyways, it was truly beautiful. Years after the world is rebooted several new players face challenges among alternian society. Don't say we didn't warn you. Ok this one is Rose after she stopped Read Rose Monologue "I'm sorry" from the story Homestuck Monolouges by CC_Sanchez (Cc a. co A collection of Homestuck monologues voiced by Pix/Zeki. [image description: a traditional drawing of jade harley and aradia megido from homestuck. I'm pretty sure that 17776 wouldn't've become so popular without Homestuck. ) May I get,,,, a Karkat with curly-ish hair, nose piercings, and his usual sweater w shorts and long socks w cats on em, either hugging or smooching an Equius who was a bit chubby but still stronk, with ear piercings and no glasses? Im sorry if this is too detailed,,,, tysm tho whether you do or don't decide to do it <33 The eyes are, in hindsight, a bit goofy, but I wouldn’t have ‘em any other way. It seemed like the right time to come back to this, just a few days from the anniversary of the old Midnight Crew intermission. A tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. We are Homestuck. Y. Read 8 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Act 5: 2119. Every day updated. I knew I wasn’t into guys, but attempts to Related searches sdt lalonde nepeta joey claire terezi home stuck cosplay strip homestuck minus8 flash animation karkat mirthfulmollywhop mlp rose lalonde homesmut hiveswap homestuck cosplay nudestuck vriska cosplay stripping ssbbw stuffing hentai cosplay homestuck homesmut davefuckingstrider minus8 strider jade harley undertale dave strider 3. For more specifics of  Homestuck. I was obsessed with Homestuck for a time. As described on the MSPA website, Homestuck is "a tale about a boy and his friends and a game they play together. This mod adds a variety of features inspired by and derived directly with little deviation from the infamously-long webcomic Homestuck. See more ideas about Board, Cool stuff and Drawings. It might have started as a Homestuck was supposed to go on forever in endless iterations, like your favorite author is never supposed to die. Why? Welcome to Homestuck x you! Ever wanted to be in a redrom, blackrom, pale, or ashen relationship with any of the Homestuck characters? Here is where that can happen! Homestuck and Hiveswap Icons I make icons using stuff from Homestuck, Hiveswap, and Friendsim! Requests are open! Please do not interact with homophobic, transphobic, heterophobic, racist, sexist, or otherwise bigoted requests. Start studying Vocabulary Words from Homestuck. Find all the answers you're looking for as you zap between Earth and Alternia making friends as you go. homestuck-ff-rarepairs:. Heslin is wearing a blond wig, with a Homestuck match? I'm a Bisexual female with long dark blonde hair worn in a braid and I have grey eyes, overall I'm a very quiet and introverted person whose head is in the clouds, unfortunately I tend to worry about small things, get flustered easily, I'm too sensitive and take almost everything to heart but sometimes I want to sass certain people but i'm too polite however when I do 'burn Homestuck is a book/webcomic/Flash animation/video game hybrid, all created by one man named Andrew Hussie. 99 $ 22. Homestuck. Act 6: 4012. Jade is a tall and thin filipino girl with round glasses, long black hair and white dog ears. This seems to be pretty much the only real rule as the creator said this about the names: "The lusus gurgles some incomprehensible monster noise, and the closest pair of 6 letter words matching the sound is the name. How to Cosplay a Homestuck Character. I never actually reached the update because I didn't take the time to read it enough (even though I like reading, sometimes I lack the patience to read for long periods of time). Read It's A Long Road {Dave X Reader} from the story HomeStuck OneShot's {BOOK 7} by gallaxynati (Invader Zim Trash) with 308 reads. Because earth is your home, and if you're bound somewhere, you can also consider it as being stuck there. part 2 Act 5 Act 1 Act 5 Act 2 End of Act 5. Intermission 1: 204. home ask directory submit. However, discovering the amount of people that have read and supported my writing has prompted me to give a sincere thanks. Homestuck - The Thief of Time (v0. i'm sure you'll love it! The most extreme example is "Cascade," a thirteen minute long soundtrack billed as one song that accompanied the end of Homestuck's fifth act. Homestuck begins when thirteen-year-old John Egbert receives a beta copy of an upcoming computer game, Sburb, in the mail. Continue your save from chapter to chapter, then from game to game, to carry your story, choices, friendships and frenemies across them all--then do it again! Bisexual Trolls and Non-Binary Sprites: The Power of LGBTQ Visibility in “Homestuck” I’d been in the dark about my sexuality for a long time. 2. Fans helped him meet his $700,000 goal within just one day to Kickstart a videogame version. Homestuck The place to get official soundtracks for Homestuck and HIVESWAP. The game presently eluding you is only the latest sleight of hand in the repertoire of an unseen riddler, one to engender a sense not of mirth, but of lack. Consider: for Homestuck's eight thousand  Let Me Tell You About Homestuck Luke, Ashley, Molly, and Jules. I knew something was going on when my college-age cousin came home with a full sleeve tattoo of Homestuck fan art, and I didn’t know what it was, Mister Jones. Tumblr has nuked queer and black activism tags, it’s deleted anarchist blogs, it’s joined a long list of sites fucking over sex workers, it’s fucked over its users en masse, it’s been mismanaged and toxic since day 1, and like all corporate websites it harvests and sells all of our data. Too busy gobbling mince pies to write. Quadrants Main Article: Quadrants See more of Homestuck honor on Facebook. Don't skip over any pages, no matter how long or seemingly pointless it is  13 Sep 2017 On September 14th, at long last, the first episode of the Kickstarted Homestuck game, Hiveswap, will be released, only five years after it was  Find out if there are clowns in Homestuck from over 100 other people who have acting as a guardian for a specific alien species) is a dragon, and dies soon  The second ingredient of the Homestuck is that cake is the fandom. Today I'm gonna show you how to make cheap, simple, and decent Homestuck cosplay horns. A page for describing Trivia: Homestuck. Cohen Edenfield. “Homestuck is a webcomic about kids who have to play a game to save the world,” offers Julia Heslin, a 21-year-old business student from Long Island, N. Read Rose Monologue "I'm sorry" from the story Homestuck Monolouges by CC_Sanchez (Cc a. We have channels for topics such as health, cooking, job search, and more, where you can post any questions you may have, answer other people’s questions, or post general tips and thoughts you have! Now, it's not just for Homestuck, but anyone who's a fan of any franchise or comic book character or superhero or cartoon. ” L-3 long loose wavy wig / 80cm Homestuck Eridan Ampora all back black with hightlighted purple streak cosplay wig $ 29. Expect nothing and prepare for disappointment. I don’t really watch Let’s Plays so yeah, they do slow me down. This blog contains Homestuck spoilers, but there are no Hiveswap plot spoilers. 18 Mar 2017 Homestuck is several thousand pages long, but the fandom is even more massive and sprawling. Aradia is a tall chubby gray skinned troll with orange ram horns and long black hair. Homestuck, Book 1: Acts 1 & 2 is an interesting but overall redundant artifact. The game is written as a parody of text adventures. Hell, the name Homestuck is a direct parallel to Earthbound. Finally got around to recording a full video showing my v0. Homestuck starts off with these 4 13 year olds playing this game named Sburb; John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider, and Jade Harley. View, comment, download and edit homestuck Minecraft skins. or. My last one was meant to be my last giveaway (I’ve only done one other before). Homestuck wearing a headband with troll horns. She has big red fairy wings. “Homestuck as a ‘movement’ is not under my control,” creator Andrew Hussie told the Daily Dot, “and never really was. I saw it as an opportunity to smash one of Homestuck’s enshrined Stylistic Laws to tiny bits and saying I pounced on it with glee is an understatement. Homestuck lyric comics and illustrated music under one roof! Pages Tags Ask Submit Mods. Homestuck lyric comics and It’s aimed at people 16-21, but really, anybody can join as long as they are 13+. The most commonly accepted appearance of the original Homestuck Fandom is an Alternian troll with grey skin, short, messy, black hair, yellow eyes with dark irises, and two identical horns protrude upwards from his head and curve slightly inward. It plays a large role in society and affects how trolls act, along with their powers. So this last weekend I dropped a video on my YouTube channel (thedantebasco) dedicated to, and all about the world of Homestuck! First off, the support and love from the community has been amazing and I would like to personally thank you all for the digging the video. Eve's guide to homestuck cosplays: Vriska -Or just go to your favorite shopping outlet, and look for a long sleeve grey button up shirt, a long sleeve jacket, and Cross Media Analysis: Game Grumps (LONG AWAITED RETURN) I’m really starting to think I should ban let’s players for class analysis because I am shockingly terrible. hope you like it,  15 Nov 2018 It in fact seemed to relish in exposing us to long conversation after long And Doc Scratch was pretty evil as far as villains go, but Homestuck  29 Sep 2019 However, it's easy to be good Homestuck fan if you want to be. Now to the brick of a book at hand. Free Hentai Western Gallery: [Mindwipe] Long Distance Relationship (Homestuck) - Tags: english, homestuck, dave strider, jade harley, mindwipe, sole male, wormhole In an announcement that Kickstarter backers have been waiting upwards of four years for, the Homestuck adventure game Hiveswap has at last made it to Steam Greenlight. Homestuck - Mythological Class Quiz Homestuck Class Quiz. HIVESWAP: Act 1 is the first of a four-part series set in Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck universe, with a companion series, Hauntswitch, to follow. Homestuck's come so far Rereading the entire series has been such a trip. Not only has Hussie already said he's going to have time to write the inevitable epilogue now that he's not racing to complete the comic by 4/13, but there's an episodic video game coming. It was quite the long tale, and it was rather enjoyable! At the time I thought there ‘d be nothing else, because Act 7 seemed like quite the final chapter – or if there was anything, it’d be bits and pieces that wouldn’t warrant a liveblog. From 2009 to 2016, it was an online phenomenon, a webcomic both minimalist and innovative, groundbreaking yet old-school, simple enough to follow the format of a classic role-playing Mindwipe - Long Distance Relationship (Homestuck) - Download Adult Comic Free. Photo by juucbox. It is a self-referential narrative; Hussie brings in audience involvement while simultaneously responding and catering his story for his audience, often breaking the fourth wall and making audiences Based on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. Act 4: 584. Something I realized last night: the only reason Homestuck actually has a plot is because the characters involved are all forced to play using pre-built character sheets; if SBURB/SGRUB had a halfway decent character editor built in, then a party of 3-4 dedicated powergamers could easilly snap the game in half. Some kids get a game and it starts fucking shit up in real life and there's a bunch of pseudovideo game mechanics. It is a Homestuck inspired game and utilizes the cosmology and laughs bc those people think this is like the //other// kind of homestuck panels. Log In. ? homestuck 166? vriska serket 40? absurdres 11877? ass 2654? black hair 12573? femsub 48799? glasses 3897? grey hair 509? grey skin 515? horns 3090? large ass 386? lipstick 1737? long hair 26055? text 30841? undressing 2520? yellow eyes 1501 Val x Love Makes out to Save the World ; Wake up With the Prisma Illya Girls by Way of Illya Alarm 2 ; One Piece Chapter 957 Trending on Twitter ; Flying Princess: Inter Breed Musters an Army of Monster Girls I'm 5 foot 6, and kind of thin. Rule 34 - If it exists, there is porn of it. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. She's partially based off of spiders, as is obvious, but Scorpio is a scorpion. Toby "Radiation" Fox (born October 11, 1991), also known as FwugRadiation, is a music composer and game developer. NSND is a list of references (remixes, arrangements, samples, etc. terezi) on Instagram: “Helpin' a friend out Artist : incertola #homestuck #davestrider #karkat #karkatvantas #terezi…” Well, as I explained in a previous post, you can take tests (preferably those that are >15 minutes long, those tend to go deeper into your personality and thus give more accurate results, and you should take several), or you can read through each god tier and see which one seems to describe you the best. 2) - Demo. Act 7: 2. Reader commands are fun for a while, but boring over the long haul, and detrimental to bringing a story to a conclusion. make, all of the other products will ship not too long after the Kickstarter ends. You can only stay away from that life for so long. I'm Slytherin and an Aries, and my friends often say I'm cute. Now that semester’s over, I’m starting to work on this again. Another important thing to learn about is the Hemospectrum and blood caste. I understand it's like realllllyyyy long, but how long do you think it will take me to catch up on everything? Homestuck Trolls Homestuck Nepeta Homestuck Funny Homestuck Karkat Me Gustas It's Funny Davekat Home Stuck Signs It's funny because Dave and Sollux would fight ALL THE TIME, Nepeta is a cat and Jade is a dog so that wouldn't work, Rose and Terezi canonically hate each other and Karkat and John have a complicated-at-best friendship. The Internet is home to many, many webcomics, but one in particular, Homestuck, has gained a lot of fame for various reasons. Thank you to everyone who has made Homestuck so enjoyable; if it weren't for you guys this webcomic probably wouldn't have lasted so long and made such an impact on the world today. A long form exercise in me spewing out random ideas that stemmed from the idea of Vriska and Terezi (humanstuck) travelling around in a terrible all girl punk rock band. Hello! I’m new! Recently got back to the Homestuck Fandom, I felt bad for kind of leaving it for a while, but here I am Here’s a little art of a character design I just made up my friend help me with the name I have more other trolls to draw , 1 down 15 to go. I’m blaming my hiatus on holidays. homestucksongcomics. Saturday Gathering Thread on AX Forums. Jade bloods may or may not be resistant to the Alternian Sun’s intense rays, and some may even enjoy it. but yeah, homestuck is amazing. 2 demo I put on Dropbox a few months ago. Happy 4/13! Here’s to 10 years of Homestuck, and happy 23rd birthday to John and Jane! aaaaaaaall the homestuck. ) It must be very long to go through ever childs story and every trolls story. homestuck homestuck kin aesthetic food tw noncanon troll kin mod nepeta "HOMESTUCK,” the epic, seven-year “Ulysses” of a webcomic by Andrew Hussie, was a life-or-death funhouse that couldn’t help but reflect on its own existence. Context is important. Like the skit things at cons?? at least im pretty sure thats what they are Anonymous asked: In Homestuck deaths part one, you list rose fading into oblivion as a death, which is understandable, based on the phrasing. Books - Long. Launched in 2009, Homestuck ended this April as one of the most wildly successful and passionately loved comics online. About 8,000 pages. Explanation here and top list here. Lifespan also increases as you go further up in the hemospectrum, meaning that lowblooded trolls will not live for very long, while highblooded trolls definitely will. part 1 Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Intermission Act 4. laughs bc those people think this is like the //other// kind of homestuck panels. Homestuck is a webcomic written, illustrated, and animated by American author and artist . If you do that to fatty meat, the fat melts completely and the meat gets tear-it-apart-with-a-fork soft. I'ma be  17 Apr 2019 Aspect, An Official Homestuck Zine features a 30-page booklet of 25 different Since I'm moving soon I guess that's fine but do I get a refund? Homestuck Hero of Time God Tier Hooded Shirt. Children’s clothes on Redbubble are expertly printed on ethically sourced apparel and are available in a range of colors and sizes. " Homestuck is the fourth and largest story of MS Paint Adventures, with 8,123 pages (out of 10,030 MSPA pages). " look at this masterpiece. Be Unique. Friday Gathering Thread on Cos. the owner of this blog 7 Inch Tall Homestuck Maplehoof Plush 2 Embroidered Hearts and Hair With Abright Pink Ribbon Bow Homestuck is like Undertale, but worse. When I introduce people to Homestuck and find them unimpressed by John’s sylladex antics, I tell them to stick with it until Rose shows up. As Homestuck begins to take its steps into mainstream appeal, Homestuck. A Guide to Troll Hemospectrum and the Alternian Blood Caste System. April 13, 2019, will be the 10th anniversary of Homestuck. homestuckexamination: Homestuck Class Quiz. It was fun for the short time that it lasted. If you have some you would like to submit, please feel free to. Homestuck was one of the Homestuck begins as the story of four friends who live far apart and have never met. 7 has been released! It goes all the way up to the end of Act 2 and can be downloaded here. On my second day of reading, I was already planning a Rose cosplay. Highbloods pretty much never have Yup so here's my homestuck theory and AU blog!!!(but yo might see a few non-homestuck posts pop up every now and again) I will post all theory's, AU's, and head cannons on here so if you have something you want me to add, please drop me line in the ask box!!! Hello. Homestuck is a very popular webcomic by Andrew Hussie (MSPaintAdventures. You can't fight the homestuck tho its weird and random its the greatest fandom!! YOU can't fight the homestuck true its quite outrageous but its soooo contagious !!! Created by: Azallia Fair warning, though: it’s currently more than 7,500 pages long, so if this is your first time checking it out, you might want to clear your schedule. The world is ending again. #homestuck #mspareader #friendsim #whatpumpkingames” It is your thirteenth birthday, and as with all twelve preceding it, something feels missing from your life. Apparently, that day is John Egbert’s birthday, April 13. Homestuck is part of MS Paint That is sort of a rough approximation of the overall plot for a long chunk of it, but it Pages 247 - 290. It is a self-referential narrative; Hussie brings in audience  It just depends on how fast you read, how frequently you read, and how devoted you are to finishing this monstrously huge piece of work. Earth Human Years. The latest Tweets from Cohen is a Ghost (@skullmandible). balentay. Comedy Earth-C Episode 38: Let Me Tell You About Returning From A Long Hiatus. ) It has a large and sometimes quirky fanbase, and if you are at an anime or comic convention you are sure to see some around! Hiveswap is an episodic adventure game developed by What Pumpkin Games and overseen by Andrew Hussie and Cohen Edenfield. M O I S T 3. We all got hella busy and, I don’t speak for everyone but, most of us moved on or are not as into home stuck as we use to be. Worried Christian Parents Against Homestuck. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Tongue Stuck animated GIFs to your conversations. homestuck fan project fan game rpg maker rpg john egbert nepeta dave strider Homestuck exists as an experiment in long form, digital multimedia storytelling, evolving over time. If you like someone's reactions, please take the time to follow them personally, because we do not repost everything here. Beginner artist hoping to improve my skills. I'm not necessarily calling bullshit, but considering how long some of the pages are, plus the flashes and freakin' Openbound, I do not see how it's possible while still understanding anything How long did it take for you to get up to date with Homestuck, and which panel was that day, "When the blue arrows ran out"? I personally took Homestuck is an interactive webcomic created by artist Andrew Hussie and the fourth comic series published by MS Paint Adventures. a guide for fans of the web adventure. TAG PAGE feel free to SEND A MESSAGE, and please consider SUBMITTING! Homestuck Fan Lands. There are two parts to a hero's title in homestuck, First the class and then the aspect. Homestuck exists as an experiment in long form, digital multimedia storytelling, evolving over time. ARTCHOP (APPARENTLY) 2. End of Act 5. Secondly, for the rest of the The Homestuck fandom is really bad at dealing with the Internet at large, I've noticed. K. Sorry for this big rant, and I'm sorry if this is too long or not what I should've created. Com. If you dont like the way I do it, feel free to use this for inspiration. cakestuck Um my birthday is in a little more than two weeks,I was wondering,do you see cake,if so,how much?How long does it take? How long have we been writing? What sorts of character systems do we use? In this week’s episode, we look at our written languages: where they came from, the varieties of systems that we developed, and how different alphabets have evolved over time. The real end of Homestuck is a long way Building on the Pesterchum handle ask, I like Homestuck because if you take everyone's handle initials and put them in a table sorting GCAT on both axes for first and second letters, you arrive at a table where the humans occupy the 4 corners (Sburb logo), and the trolls fill the other 12 spots (shape of the Sgrub logo). Cum on this. The voices always tell me that it's how I'm meant to function. I'm physically delicate and shy, but I have depression, social anxiety, and awkwardness. Homestuck lyric comics and Homestuck Comic Homestuck Equius Home Stuck Agoraphobia Disney Channel Boi Me Gustas Troll Told You So Best homestuck memes - popular memes on the site iFunny. I’d always intended for them to stand out, even be a bit off-putting with how in-your-face they are. Your latest story, Homestuck, has moved away from the practice of letting the audience decide the actions of the characters. part 2 · Act 5 Act 1. Act 2: 510. Now that it's all over,  Homestuck, Act 4 book. She’s also the reason I fell in love with Homestuck. Their lifespan excels much further than that of an olive blood, suggested by the long lifespan of the Dolorosa (having lived to see the Sufferer’s as well as Mindfang’s lifetimes), maxing out at around 100 sweeps. Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5  5 Oct 2016 Act 1: 247. Chynna Mallett. I really didn't want it to end soon, I wanted it to carry on for a long time like Homestuck, but even that had to end. High quality Homestuck inspired Long Sleeve Baby One-Piece by independent artists and designers from around the world. Homestuck is a very long comic, so if you think it's too long for you to read - try to break it up into bits! Set yourself goals and think to yourself things like, "Right. in fact, i had to try reading it three consecutive times until i finally got past act 1. The only lulls in Homestuck updates came when Hussie needed to make long flash  7 May 2018 We recently talked to Hussie about the history of Homestuck, and what made it so addictive. part 3 I've decided to read Homestuck. It is John’s thirteenth birthday, and he wants to play a game with his online friends. Because all the human kid characters' first names are only four letters long, pairing names between them tend to follow the format NameName. WPG and Homestuck, Inc. I read through it that entire summer, at first watching Let’s Read Homestuck on YouTube, and later reading it on mspaintadventures. 1. It takes place in a city, in a forest, in a town, and on a small island. a. How long of a break can Hussie take and still have published one page of MSPA per day? An analysis across time. Can't Fight The Homestuck. How long is it? I have read up on it slightly (primarily Sollux and Karkat. Made by Miff Based on Homestuck by Andrew Hussie. 13 Apr 2019 The Homestuck Epilogues is a prose story by Andrew Hussie, pronouns, while Roxy used they/them at first, but soon used he/him pronouns. We were picking up popularity pretty fast which I believe many of us were not prepared for. 1 This is a texturepack full of custom textures by me based on the webcomic homestuck. AX HOMESTUCK GATHERING MASTER POST: JUST IN TIME EDITION. I've been talking about it long enough, 4. Acting as the first section My position on Homestuck classpects is that everything can be an aspect as long as it is a one syllable abstract concept. Welcome to the Homestuck Game development blog! Here the three of us (Shayne, Lauren and Ryn) will record our progress as we make a game based completely off Andrew Hussie's Homestuck. 00 (6) Order & Delivery. Hmm I’m not really sure. Incorrect Homestuck Quotes You may send submissions also if you don't want to submit but there is certain characters you want me to do quotes from send it in an ask and I'll be sure to get that figured out! I am happy asf rn. a The Signless. long hair problems tm lynera lynera skalbi jade blood jade bloods hiveswap hs homestuck hiveswap friendsim friendsim lynera skalbi friendsim humanstuck troll my art 515 notes Jul 31st, 2019 Homestuck Visual Novel version 0. Only problem is that she merges with the other Rose from the main timeline, which she references in a much later panel (somewhere on the meteor I think). Act 3: 395. In the Homestuck Series, what is the alternate name for the Kingdom of Lights? See How Smart You Really Are. Bryan Lee O'Malley, creator of the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim, described Homestuck as a "massive undertaking of deftly-handled long-term  Homestuck is the fourth and largest story of MS Paint Adventures, with 8123 pages played a session of Sburb (or, as they called it, Sgrub) long ago in the past. Homestuck (48952) MS Paint Adventures High quality Homestuck inspired T-Shirts by independent artists and designers from around the world. Interactivity: Static web page instantly every homestuck nerd oozes back out of the woodwork like sleeper agents in the night It's gonna be a long fall as in the fall keeps happening? 2 replies Here you will find mary-sue tests specific to different fandoms and characters since each fandom has different traits commonly cliched or repeated as well as defy canon in different ways in order to seem 'cool'. based on this post by @contradictorycrimson! Homestuck lyric comics and illustrated music under one roof! Pages Tags Ask Submit Mods. Most monologues will be hand-made. I've decided to read Homestuck. Davekat. This can be very helpful at the start of Homestuck, when things move quite slowly. Such as Act Best Answer: around 5000 pages or something. A. Lowblooded trolls tend to have powers outside of physical strength, although they’re not as powerful in influence and physical strength. This review will be quite lengthy, and each act description contains spoilers ]-Overall Summary: It spans too vastly to be summarized. ) Homestuck Tips for First Time Readers: Act 3 is when it starts getting good during your first read; The pesterlogs are long, but they’re important; The Midnight Crew intermission is also important, but not enjoyable the first time you read it, especially if you have trouble following circular time travel plots. Well it’s not rude at all, and I’d be happy to answer, although I’m afraid there’s no grand story behind it, I just really like Nefertiti, she was a badass queen in a cool period of the Egyptian empire (with her oddball husband Akhenaten, very fun read about their reign and their religious reforms) and she might even have been a pharaoh in her own rights, which is fire, plus her bust Dave x Karkat x Dave – Homestuck dj [Eng] [Rasuzu] Flush – Homestuck dj [Eng] MyReadingManga is completely free - paid for by advertisers, purely for welcome to THE VAST MINE texturepack post V 0. The words were flying out of Kankri's mouth much faster than Karkat could decipher them, but he blinked in slow silence as his ancestor - Rather, the awkward teen that took what Karkat thought to be his glorious place - chattered on, opening his blank eyes every now and then to make sure Karkat was still listening, let alone there. ) This is an awesome and fitting 10th Anniversary gift! I bet Hussie’s been purposely waiting to release it on this particular anniversary. As you can tell this blog died a long time ago. Zodiac Homestuck Astrology Cancer Symbol Troll Cosplay Gift Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Recent Tags long_hair short_hair welcome to my collection of homestuck bdsm fanart! any kind of fan work is very appreciated, from visual art to writing, and anything from implied kink to straight-up practice is welcome. cosplay by Etmoonshade. I suggest you read it, but be warned; the first act is rather boring. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. He has been waiting for the game to arrive in the mail for days. We have channels for topics such as health, cooking, job search, and more, where you can post any questions you may have, answer other people’s questions, or post general tips and thoughts you have! Because they’re always cooking said kids in cauldrons and ovens - aka long cooking times at lowish heat. I'm only on the first act. Therefore I present you, Sep 7, 2019- Explore florecentnight's board "homestuck" on Pinterest. made @hiveswapgame act 1. Almost two years missing in action, hm? Well, unfortunately, I'm long out of the Homestuck fandom by now. This is all to say that the virtual participatory fan culture around Homestuck, its generation, and consistent fervent popularity has been my only point of engagement until now, an interesting but distant vantage point. Act 2. The act is an introduction to the characters and the setting of the game, following John Egbert's efforts to obtain and play his copy of Sburb up until he enters the Medium. part 1 · Act 1. And there’s plenty of other late-homestuck jokes I had in mind that I never got to tell, but oh well. Although, I've left my icon Homestuck related. Reader was captain of the ship that discovered "You have a feeling it's going to be a long day. Homestuck lyric comics and Homestuck lyric comics and illustrated music under one roof! Pages Tags Ask Submit Mods. Hiveswap Friendsim by James Roach, released 15 December 2018 1. Homestuck is a very, very, very good book. For instance, Vriska Serket. It comes in 6 acts i think (this is act one). On the surface, Homestuck is a simple, silly web comic. I used to run this semi-personal Homestuck Theorizing & Romspec blog, plus the (also hiatusing/defunct) Homestuck Joke Blog. socalledunitedstates:. this would have been dash’s avatar and now it never will be and that is a tragedy. This is the class quiz, do this quiz to see your class: $1 $1eg: seer of light, $1heir of hope, $1bard of blood, $1etc Take this quiz! How to Be a Homestuck Fan. Homestuck Troll Horns: Hey everyone. Her first name, Vriska, could be either a shortening of Vrishchika (the Hindi word for Scorpio) or Vrscika (the Sanskrit word for scorpion). I love anime, video games, music, writing stories and song lyrics, and animals. Share the best GIFs now >>> Create Your Own Homestuck Troll . (Homestuck) also announced a strategic partnership with VIZ Media to develop a comprehensive array of additional entertainment content and Rose Lalonde is the first female character to be introduced in Homestuck. We are introduced to these kids one by one, starting with John Egbert. I'll be using Terezi's to demonstrate, but this works with any horn. Fem!Texas) with 1,304 reads. UPDATE 181: Meat. “Embark on a quest of epic importance in Pesterquest, a grimsical episodic visual novel adventure set in the darkly funny Homestuck / Hiveswap universe. Act 5 Act 2. how long did it How long of a break can Hussie take and still have published one page of MSPA Homestuck Beta is about 0. • Do I have to read Homestuck to enjoy Hiveswap? Nope, not at all! Hiveswap is a self-contained story, and features its own unique setting and characters. This means [HOMESTUCK ANCESTORS X READER] Humanity's space travel has progressed thousands of years in the future. Homestuck Quotes Quotes tagged as "homestuck" Showing 1-24 of 24 “You understand reality while everyone else is running around confused and angry and upset because they think reality is something happening to them rather than something they are making every moment with every thought. If Hello, my name is Shrimp and this is my Homestuck sideblog, and there is a little Hiveswap here too. The first act of Homestuck is titled The Note Desolation Plays . 8. Sign Up / Login. This texturepack is not currently complete but will be soon. Direct download,Online gallery of Mindwipe - Long Distance Relationship (Homestuck). ) in Homestuck music. Now, excuse me as I put on some Dave qualityhomestuckcosplay:. And ~8000 pages? That’s almost as long as Homestuck itself! (Possibly a longer read, depending on format. As I mentioned a few days ago, given WhatPumpkin published the Aspect test last week, I had thought of making a Class test to go along with it! This one is 40 Questions long and will determine which one of the 14 Classes you’re more aligned towards! At the ending, you will be also able Showing 121 search results for parody:homestuck - just some of the 500,000+ absolutely free hentai galleries available. [In 6th and 7th grade I wrote a 7 chapter long fanfiction with all the fandoms I was into at the time slapped together. 701 likes · 8 talking about this. Others may come from the actual webcomic. The quirky people (and trolls!), the art styles, the rapidly-changing storyline, and In Homestuck, all young trolls have first and last names that are 6 letters long. style no: can u please restock on L's soon? i want to buy this for a up coming con in 2 months. This fanfiction plays on alot on alternate realities, mythology and the original homestuck though knowledge of it is far from needed to enjoy this story. homestuck, terezi, sollux Today I begin reading the entirety of Andrew Hussie’s Homestuck. The Empress of the Alternian Empire finally extends an invitation to Earth, for humans to send their finest to Alternia over a year-long journey. Sorry this is so long. (updates) *Submitted quotes will also be queued and placed at the top of the list to upload soonest, but in order of submission. image. “In Homestuck, before the game starts, none of them have met in person. No long term contract Homestuck has come such a long way since the very first page that it's ridiculous ಠ_ಠ Oh btw this is your obligatory birthday video sister I made sure to try and put Terezi in whenever it said On September 14th, at long last, the first episode of the Kickstarted Homestuck game, Hiveswap, will be released, only five years after it was originally announced. You can cum every 24 hours. Best Answer: Acts in homestuck vary depending on which act it is, what i noticed is that the higher the act the longer it is as it will subdivide into other acts. Her name follows this theme as well. Everything from full covers to brief quotes is included – even near-inaudible samples that are only known from word of composer. I understand it's like realllllyyyy long, but how long do you think it will take me to catch up on everything? If you want to sell, on a commission basis, your two-dimensional art with Andrew's intellectual property in it, that's fine, as long as a) neither you nor your commissioner or any third party have any plans to reproduce, resell or make a profit off of the commissioned image and b) you do not promote yourself as a Homestuck artist. What others are I wrote the original song that appeared in Homestuck a long time ago. Pretty much the question. Temporal Shenanigans by Homestuck, released 02 April 2012 There's no need to justify the meaningless destruction. Just like with the previous update, go to the select act screen to return to the most current page. It also finally has a trailer, which, unsurprisingly, features great music and slick animation. I write a lot about Homestuck's SBURB, God Tier and Land Quest (aka “Classpect”) system and I have a variety of Leaving for a while. During its run from April 2009 to April 2016, Homestuck became immensely popular and garnered a significant fan following on the Internet, as well as critical acclaims for its interactive and collaborative approach to transmedia storytelling. The main race featured is the Troll race, a race of aggressive gray-skinned candy-corn-horned insect-like humanoid creatures. home The first act of Homestuck is 247 pages long, and spends an inordinate time just naming its protagonists, yet still manages to end with a literal bang. In anticipation of the site  I don't claim to be a Hussie Mimic, but I wanted to try to draw some panels for the epilogue. Keep an eye here for upcoming livestreams and such. I’m really happy to see Joey and company gorgeously animated into my contributions. All of it! Late to the party, as always! But in case you haven’t heard, I’ve been artworking on HIVESWAP, making tons of backgrounds!. 13 a year past Act 7 seemed as good as any time to do. been reading Candy, haven't gotten to Meat yet: Okay so, John decides not to take care of Lord English. ” So yeah. Names also seem to follow some sort of pattern or theme. Hello everyone! Long time no see. we finally have the two Epilogues of Homestuck. Homestuck's update on August 12th featured an image of the body of Karkat's ancestor, the Sufferer, a. A long time ago, I finished reading Homestuck. Steam • Humble: About Hiveswap: Hiveswap OST • The Grubbles: Friendsim Games: Meet the Friendsim Trolls: Extended Zodiac I started Homestuck about a month before summer started, just after it ended. Portmanteau names tend to be used more with popular pairings in Homestuck; lesser known pairings do not have as widely accepted names. As I mentioned a few days ago, given WhatPumpkin published the Aspect test last week, I had thought of making a Class test to go along with it! This one is 40 Questions long and will determine which one of the 14 Classes you’re more aligned towards! At the ending Shop Grey Cancer homestuck long sleeve t-shirts designed by GardenGnostic as well as other homestuck merchandise at TeePublic. And that was the moral of the We use cookies to make our site work correctly, to help understand how it is used and to provide more relevant product recomendations on For Fans By Fans websites. writes on Transformers Galaxies. It is a very awesome science Fiction E book. 06% of MSPA: 4 days, 8 pages, 14 panels, 291  10 Sep 2012 Launched in 2009, Homestuck is a serial, interactive webcomic about a By now the comic is very long and the plot is often convoluted and  13 Apr 2016 Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. Gotta post em quick before it upd8 s again. This is mainly becuase that whole set of prints were a complete collection of prints I’ve got done from my Homestuck drawings and I’m completely out of some now and I don’t plan to print anymore Homestuck prints anymore for future At long last I have completed page 27 of the @homestuckredraw! I’ve never made a gif with the software I used for this one before, so it was a fun adventure! Filed under john egbert homestuck redraw homestuck john homestuck hs act 1 It’s aimed at people 16-21, but really, anybody can join as long as they are 13+. 1,387 Likes, 2 Comments - So Long Space Cowboy (@trashy. Homestuck lyric comics and Homestuck Visual Novel version 0. fiftyshadesofampora. Meet Aclon Herta and his friends as they go about resetting the unviverse. He developed the critically acclaimed RPG Undertale and produced its soundtrack in 2015. Currently done: Undertale, Hetalia, Homestuck, Gorilliaz, Five Night's at F Assuming you did nothing but read Homestuck from 7am to 2am for four days straight, that is about 107 pages per hour, or almost two pages per minute. The unusual grey lines over the character's silhouette resembles a pair of very long pants, while the text refers to "blood soaking his Righteous Leggings. 99. in fact, the storyline is pretty darn genius, and so are the characters. It a sense, it feels like it's been around forever, like we all dress up for Halloween, yet it a lot of ways it's this new art form, like wardrobe and design and pop culture, a live living figure of fictional characters Cross Media Analysis: Game Grumps (LONG AWAITED RETURN) I’m really starting to think I should ban let’s players for class analysis because I am shockingly terrible. This is BlastYoBoots, also "byb" or bladekindEyewear. Content must  14 Dec 2012 Unfinished, Homestuck is already over 5,000 pages long. Alternian Solar Sweeps. Perhaps Hussie has written the long-promised epilogue, or perhaps the long-delayed second act of the Hiveswap video game is finally coming. Long live homestuck. Listen all the way through. Those who've held out hope in the fandom suspect that 4/13 will bring new content. the child of Long. 7. Like the skit things at cons?? at least im pretty sure thats what they are *All quotes are queued, unless there's a special occasion. Act 3. Intermission 2: 2. Hi! I'm Wren, A. Nepeta Leijon (Homestuck!) Homestuck. Intermission Act 4. com. i suggest watching a read through of act 1 on youtube. It takes time (and risks a finger cramp) just to scroll through the page list. See blog post for more. Homestuck Funny Homestuck Trolls Home Stuck Long Shorts Laughing So Hard Kenya Funny Comics Boi Caption. Everything's in order, everything will come in time, just as long as I complete the tasks that are mine. How has that affected your storytelling? It’s made it easier, and more interesting. "-[It IS going to be a long day if you endeavor to read this whole thing. We are Cantrix and Vector, and we are here to make delicious Homestuck cakes for you. For some perspective on the wait: We profiled Hiveswap and Homestuck way back in 2012, not long after we launched. we share memes This blog is a compilation of all the Homestuck Liveblogs we have found. I'm into Homestuck, Heathers, and Warriors, so you might find some stuff from me being about those. This quiz will determine your god tier aspect! $1 $1(Remember: Your god tier class ultimately affects your relationship with your aspect, and you can end up either utilizing or destroying your given aspect. ahah :sweat_smile: I can’t wait to share my a Homestuck is the First Great Work of Internet Fiction Mordicai Knode. It consists of four parts combined together by the composition of Toby Fox. Homestuck CC for the sims 4: Seadweller fins and troll horns not available at this time and I will probably make an edit soon so the whites of the trolls eyes are yellow. info is your hub for up to date news and archival information on the comic we love. $22. Humour. Installing and running the game on his computer triggers a meteor storm to fall on his house in real life, which he survives only by being transported to a planet in another dimension known as the Incipisphere. I just finished a 6 hour long digital drawing of my boi Kyuboi :'D It had been a very long while since I last drew him so I decided to try to draw him using my new USB tablet pen (connect to my computer) and experiment a bit with my program. how long is homestuck

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